Best ice cream recipe for ice cream maker

 Best ice cream recipe for ice cream maker

Ice Cream Homemade
Homemade Ice Cream - It has been a tradition to make ice cream for Christmas in my home. I got the recipe from my friend's mom when I was a kid and we've used it all the way since, as this ice cream is absolutely delicious.

    I made this ice cream the other day and would like to share the recipe with you. I took all the pictures on my Vivo phone which has a very good camera but I may not be the best at taking pictures of food, so you just show understanding.and here I will provide a recipe for making ice cream that is very delicious and delicious. you can try it at home, the tools and materials used are affordable


  1. 4 eggs
  2. 70 g sugar
  3. 4 dl cream
  4. 2 teaspoons vanilla drops


  • Start by whisking the eggs and sugar.
  • It will never be as stiff as when you just beat the egg whites, but this turns into a light yellow foam and rises considerably in the bowl.
  • Then you whip the cream and vanilla drops in another bowl.
  • After that, mix the mixtures together with a lollipop. This needs to be done very carefully in slow movements.
  • You can then put whatever you want into the ice. This time I put Oreokex in half and pepper Noah's body in the other. Both ice creams were very good and brought good luck.
  • I always put the ice cream mixture in the bottom of the icebox, then what to put in, ice cream mixture and so on. End of ice cream mixture.
  • I put some caramel ice cream sauce with the biscuit in the ice cream.\
    You can add other ingredients to make ice cream decorations, you can use any fruit, for example strauberries, grapes, oranges, and many others.To add to the aesthetic impression, you can find an attractive container to use.

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