Venezuela issues arrest warrant for US-based opposition leader Juan Guaido



Venezuela, a country plagued by political strife and economic challenges, has once again captured international attention. On Thursday, Venezuelan authorities issued an arrest warrant for opposition leader and former interim president Juan Guaido. However, Guaido, who has been living in exile in Miami, dismissed the move as politically motivated. This development sheds light on the complex and ongoing power struggle in Venezuela, as well as the plight of its citizens.

The Allegations and Response

Attorney General Tarek William Saab alleged that Guaido had misused state-owned oil company PDVSA's resources to finance himself and pay his legal expenses. Saab claimed that Guaido's actions had caused losses to the nation amounting to $19 billion, with severe consequences for the national oil company Citgo. The Venezuelan authorities are also seeking a red notice from Interpol to facilitate Guaido's arrest.

Guaido, who served as the interim president of Venezuela's transitional government from 2019 to 2022, was removed from power after struggling to make significant gains against the authoritarian regime of President Nicolas Maduro. Speaking about his situation in Miami, Guaido emphasized that being away from Venezuela allowed him to remain alive and free, contrasting it with the fate of many Venezuelans who are either incarcerated or victims of violence under the dictatorship.

The Complex Allegations

The arrest warrant against Guaido includes charges of treason, usurpation of functions, profit or extraction of money, securities, and public goods, money laundering, and association. It is important to note that at least 28 investigations are currently ongoing in Venezuela against Guaido, covering a range of alleged crimes, including usurpation of functions, money laundering, terrorism, arms trafficking, and treason.

A Challenge to Maduro

Guaido's spokesperson declined to comment on the allegations. However, during a live transmission on his Instagram account, Guaido challenged President Maduro to submit himself to justice, suggesting that they meet at a prosecutor's office in the US or another jurisdiction. He asserted that he would not allow Maduro to silence him or take away his voice, pledging to continue denouncing him as a criminal.

The Upcoming Presidential Vote

Venezuela is scheduled to hold a presidential election in 2024, although doubts persist about the possibility of free and fair elections in the country's repressive political climate. Guaido has urged his followers to participate in the upcoming opposition primary election on October 22, emphasizing the need to confront President Maduro's regime.

Changing US Policy

The United States, which had long supported Guaido, has recently adjusted its stance on Venezuela. In an attempt to curb the increasing number of Venezuelan migrants at the US-Mexico border, senior officials in the Biden administration announced that the US will restart deporting Venezuelans directly to Venezuela, marking a significant shift in policy. This decision has sparked concerns among advocacy groups, who warn of potential dangers for deportees.

Guaido's Perspective

In an interview with CNN, Guaido expressed his belief that the deportation deal was not directly related to his arrest warrant. However, he highlighted Maduro's interest in gaining international recognition as Venezuela's head of state. He argued that Maduro would likely interpret the deportation flights as de facto recognition for his regime.

Guaido concluded by emphasizing the need to address the root causes of the migration crisis, stating that the situation could only be resolved by bringing democracy back to Venezuela.


The arrest warrant against Juan Guaido and the changing dynamics in US-Venezuela relations underscore the ongoing turmoil in Venezuela's political landscape. As the country grapples with economic hardships and political instability, the international community continues to monitor developments closely. The plight of Venezuelans, both at home and abroad, remains a pressing concern, with hopes for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

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