Gaza Hospitals on the Brink of Becoming Morgues, Reveals Doctors Without Borders Officia


The dire state of hospitals in Gaza has reached a catastrophic level, where it is becoming increasingly likely that they will transform into morgues. Avril Benoit, the executive director of Doctors Without Borders USA, recently spoke with CNN, highlighting the alarming situation. She revealed that one hospital had consumed three weeks' worth of supplies in just three days, primarily due to the overwhelming influx of patients.

Gaza's healthcare system faces a multifaceted crisis due to the ongoing siege, making it nearly impossible to replenish vital resources like medical supplies, fuel, water, and staff. Benoit stated, "The situation in the hospitals is absolutely overwhelming," adding her agreement with the assessment of the International Committee of the Red Cross that the hospitals might soon become makeshift morgues.

The power shortage is exacerbating the crisis, jeopardizing the lives of critical patients, including infants in incubators, individuals relying on dialysis, and those requiring respirators. Without a stable electricity supply, providing essential care becomes an insurmountable challenge.

Furthermore, the dire situation extends beyond the walls of the hospitals. Patients are struggling to reach healthcare facilities, with fear and uncertainty gripping the entire region. Benoit explained, "It's impossible for staff sometimes, medical staff, to be able to go to work. And if they do go to work, they don't know if they will ever see their families again at night."

Hospitals are also grappling with a shortage of anesthesia, hindering their ability to perform life-saving surgeries. Additionally, the crisis deepens as even ambulances have not been spared. Tragically, four ambulances were destroyed by air strikes while transporting patients to the hospitals.

As the healthcare system in Gaza faces this dire predicament, the international community is urged to take swift action to alleviate the suffering and prevent a full-blown humanitarian catastrophe. It is a race against time to ensure that the hospitals do not indeed become morgues, with countless lives hanging in the balance.

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