Download MI Unlock Indonesia V 2.3


In a certain period of time, according to the system update in the Xiaomi operating system, there are differences in how to unlock the bootloader or UBL, especially devices made by Xiaomi. Unlocking the bootloader in 2018 is different from the procedure in 2020.

Well, the unlock method that we will discuss this time is the latest method that can be applied to almost all Xiaomi brand smartphones, especially those already in Indonesia.

  • Your Mi Account must be 3 days old from the first time you register.
  • Prepare a USB cable that is in good condition.
  • Download the Mi Unlock Tools supporting tool.
  • And also download ADB and Fastboot. (Both software come from official developers, so there's no need to worry about security.)
  • Steps to Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi
  • The very first step, first activate the developer options on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • The trick is to open the settings menu - about the phone then tap the MIUI Version ”7 times until a notification appears that the developer options are active.
  • Next, open the settings menu - additional settings - developer options again.
  • In the developer options panel, you tap the Mi Unlock Status button. If you pay attention, now the status is locked or locked.
  • At the bottom there is an Add account and device button. Well, tap the button.
  • If successful, a notification like this will appear, indicating the previous action was successful.
  • Continue, now we go back to the developer options menu and activate the following two options, "OEM Unlock" and "USB Debugging".
  • ext, now we turn to the laptop, open the software that was downloaded earlier to run Mi Unlock Tools.
  • Open the application with the name miflash_unlock (run as Administrator)
  • Click the Agree button to continue to the next stage.
  • After Mi Unlock Tools is running, you must log in to the same Mi Account that you use on your smartphone.
  • After successfully logging in, now the status in the tools is still Not connected to the phone.
  • Now, back to the smartphone. Turn off your smartphone and enter Fast Boot mode by pressing Power + Volume Down button simultaneously.
  • If the Mi Bunny logo plus the Fashboot label under it appears, then you can start connecting your smartphone to your laptop via a USB cable.
  • If successful, the status will change to Phone Connected.
  • Finally, click the unlock button.
  • If the bootloader unlock was successful, a notification will appear Unlocked successfully.
  • Finally, click on Reboot Phone to restart your smartphone.

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